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A simple wastebin in Enterprise Architect

Wastebin function in EA

Aanpassing Deduplicator in IDEA AddOn

IDEA AddOn aanpassing voor dedupliceren

AddOn Functionality for HTML reporting

AddOn functionality for HTML reporting



Articles, whitepapers and tools for IDEA

Link to IDEA

Attribuut refactoring bij datamodellering

Refactoring hulpmiddel in de IDEA DLL

Code generator voor SQL statements

Beschrijving van code templates binnen EA

Converter BizzDesign to Sparx Enterprise Architect

Open Source AddOn with BizzDesign to Sparx converter

Data Modelling Screens in IDEA AddOn

Data Modelling screens in AddOn for Enterprise Architect

Download IDEA


Downloadpage IDEA WPP

IDEA Downloadpage

Dynamic Documents een handige feature in EA 13

Dynamische documenten een nieuwe feature in EA

IDEA een prototype voor data modellering in EA

IDEA prototype voor geintegreerde data modellering


IDEA Homepage

Integrated Data Entity Architecture (IDEA)

Introductie IDEA

Introductie IDEA releasemanager

Releasemanager in de IDEA AddOn

New version of the IDEA addon

New version of the IDEA AddOn

New version of the IDEA AddOn

New release of the IDEA addon available for download

New version of the IDEA AddOn 2021

New release of the IDEA Addon with a model simulator and improved deduplication

Open Source AddOn for deduplication, data modelling and advanced HTML reporting

Description of a addon for deduplicating elements in an EA reposiotry

Services and cooperation

Service and cooperation offered by Interactory

Services for the Interactory AddOns

Extra services offered by our consultants for the WPP and IDEA AddOns

Twee nieuwe webvideos over IDEA

Beschrijving van de stand van zaken rond IDEA en een link naar de twee nieuwe webvideos

Using ArchiMate ViewPoints in Enterprise Architect

In this whitepaper we introduce an approach to use ArchiMate for Enterprise Architecture modelling in large teams. The usage of viewpoints makes it possible to reduce complexity in modelling. Generic functions in EA and specific more advanced functionalities in Add-ons makes it possible to support an architecture modelling team in creating validated and quality models of the enterprise. Configuring enterprise architect and the Add-ons for organisation specific viewpoints can be complex and requires knowledge on both the ArchiMate modelling techniques and configuring the functionalities and add-ons. EAxpertise has created multiple example repositories for specific ArchiMate viewpoints. In these repositories the functionalities and add-ons are configured in an extensive manner. When you want to introduce this approach in your organisation please contact us. We can help you making a jump start with the introduction of ArchiMate viewpoints and a repository configured in an effective manner to support your ArchiMate modelling team.

Welcome to the Interactory publications

Welcome page

Welkom bij de Interactory publicaties

Welkom pagina

What is IDEA

Startpage for conceptual modeling

Where do we go from here

Futher ideas for extra functionality