Web Publication Platform

Welcome at the Web Publication Platform for Sparx Enterprise Architect

This Web Publication Platform (WPP) platform gives organisations the opportunity to publish an EA repository (EAP and Relational Database) to external stakeholders. This website is implemented in the WPP and a live demo of the functionality The WPP is an Open Source solution developed with modern webtechnology (ASP.Net) and has numerous advantages:

  • Multiple navigations for specific users like developers or architects
  • Possibility to navigate over associations, packages and diagrams
  • Combining diagrams, text and hyperlinks to offer a modern (wiki like) navigation experience
  • Early involvement of stakeholders in the development of an architecture or a desgin
  • Easy integration with other webbased platforms like wiki's, Art Decor or Sharepoint
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Discussion module for review and comments by external stakeholders
  • Explorer view comparable with the package browser in teh Desktop version of EA
  • Based on a data driven content and form management so extensions and adaptations are possible with webforms
  • Relational database is the same as Sparx Enterprise Architect so no complex transformations before publication

Description of some functionalities

  • Search and advanced searchSimple search form for keyword search and an advanced form for filtering on fields, packages and stereotypes
  • Start pages Possibility to add start pages for users or other navigation support
  • Packages Lists of packages and subpackages
  • Elementen Lists of all elements in an alphabetic order
  • Stereotypes Classification lists of stereotypes (extremely useful in ArchiMate projects).
  • Diagrams Overview of all the diagrams in an alphabetic list, including hyperlinks of the elements shown on the diagrams.
  • Detail pages for elements, packages and diagrams with hyperlinks. These detail pages have a logical layout with accordeons or tab pages.


The development of this publication can be done in cooperation with the stakeholders. For example with a user community or within your organisation in an agile approach. When you want be part of the WPP Open Source community you can contribute to:

  • Analysing the navigations
  • Improvement of the CMS functionality and the form factory:
  • Notification functionaliteit for user groups and other stakeholders
  • Improvement of the discussion platform
  • Introduction of upload and download functionality etc.

Download and Services

This Open Source product can be downloaded free of charge. Therefor go to the:

subscription page

and receive the URL of the downloadpage However you can hire me as an independent developer and consultant for the following activities

  • Development of extensions and extra modules for the Web Publication Platform
  • Configuration, localization and hosting of the WPP
  • Development of addons and scripts for Enterprise Architect
  • Introduction of architecture repositories for (enterprise) architectures
  • Coaching of architecture teams
  • Introduction of ArchiMate notation for enterprise or data architectures
  • Introduction of custodian role in organisations

Please look at the webvideos below to get an idea of how to use the Web Publication Platform

Watch Webvideo here